Resilient Well-Being: Mindfulness Is a Superpower

"The proposition here is not that you should be rendered by mindfulness into some lifeless non-judgemental blob. The proposition is that you should learn how to respond wisely to things that happen to you rather than just reacting blindly.
And that, my friends, is a superpower."

According to Rick Hanson in his new book, Resilient, we can develop inner mental resources for resilient well-being. Rick recently gave this talk at Google covering the key concepts from the book. He has identified twelve pillars of resilient well-being that can be mindfully developed. The three fundamental pillars are:

  • Self-Caring: Be on your own side and have self-compassion

  • Mindfulness: Steady your mind and learn about the brain

  • Learning: Tap the hidden power of positive experiences

As our mindful work month is coming to an end, I invite you to explore one of these free offerings from Rick Hanson to assist in your growth of an unshakable core of calm, strength, and happiness:

  • You can sign up here for the “Just One Thing” free newsletter that offers a simple practice each week that will bring you more joy, more fulfilling relationships, and more peace of mind.

  • You can sign up here for access to the Resilience Summit materials. Free online content from Rick Hanson that includes interviews with Elissa Epel, Kristin Neff, Nadine Burke Harris, Peter Levine, and Shawn Achor.

This first #MindfulWorkMonth organized by the Mindful Workplace Alliance will be ending soon *and* it is just the beginning of our efforts to fuel a game-changing movement of mindfulness in the workplace that promotes human flourishing. Going forward, we hope you will join us on LinkedIn and/or Twitter as first followers in the mindful workplace movement.

Van Riper
Advisory Board Member - Mindful Workplace Alliance