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Executive Summary

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The Mindful Workplace Alliance is dedicated to creating mindful workplace cultures by developing and connecting leaders of mindfulness programs in the workplace to share the best practices and build community. 

If you are reading this, chances are that you believe there is a better way to work and you are interested in bringing mindfulness into your organization. As mindfulness gains mainstream popularity, many practitioners are asking how to bring the benefits they’ve experienced into the broader community of their workplace… and yet, there are very few examples.

Based on the experience of developing and implementing mindfulness programs at organizations like Google, LinkedIn, Cisco, and close to 20 other companies, we created this playbook to help others bring mindfulness into their organizations. We understand that this is likely not part of your day job, so we thank you and are here to support you on this journey.  

Our goal is to provide you with a framework, pragmatic tools, and the best practices that reduce complexity and time. We understand organizations, their people, and their cultures are unique—and we have organized this playbook into three broad, sequential phases for implementation so you can take the guesswork out of embedding mindfulness in your organization. Feel free to pick and choose from this “menu of options.” Some of you might have years of experience and others might be just developing your personal practice. 

Regardless, this playbook seeks to meet everyone where they are. This is an evolving work in progress, and we continue to learn and share the best practices for the greater vision of workplaces that are flourishing financially while being a force for good. 

Thank you for stepping up as a leader in your workplace and seeking solutions that will serve us all.